Frequently Asked Questions

Is the camp kid-friendly?

Any camp that pays a dog big money biscuits, to perform daily, has to be kid friendly. Michelle Hickl, who has had her kids at the Safety America Summer Camp for the past several years says, "that dog Moose is incredible, she can knock a ball 20 feet in the air, the kids just love her!"

Is the camp mom-friendly?

At Safety America, you don't have to sign-up for 2 weeks or even 1 week for that matter.  If you want to come for just one day, that's fine.  Be careful though, one day may multiply into several.  Mom will appreciate being able to drop the kids off when it fits her schedule. 

Is the camp safe?

This may be a silly questions for a place called Safety America.  Our safety record for the past 7 years is unmatched.  All of our camp coaches have been specially trained and "kid" certified.  We also believe that close supervision is important.  Organizing the kids into small groups by age is a good safety procedure. 

What can kids learn at camp?

Imagine a summer camp wit hthe infrastructure of a martial arts school. Lots of "Yes Ma'ams" and "Yes Sirs" can be heard.  At our camp there is a half hour of karate instruction each morning, but the respect and discipline carry on throughout the day.  Technical skills we teach involve: karate, rock climbing, basketball, and ice-skating.

Stranger Danger Lessons?

There's always stranger danger classes at Safety America's summer camp.  Director, Robert Gifford, has instructed stranger danger seminars for the Sugar Land Police Department (Camp Cops) for several years.

Is the camp fun?

How about a 10,000 square foot play place with an indoor rock climbing wall, 90-foot zip line, and a giant rope swing for starters. Our biggest attractions of all include the "ninja hide n' seek" and the famous "jedi sword fight".  Most kids like variety and they have more fun when they have the opportunity to do a lot of different activities.  

What about camp availability?

Registration opens Tuesday, May 26th.  Camp spots are offered to Safety America, Sugar Land & Sienna Gymnastics students first, after that is a first-come, first-serve basis.  Even with such a large facility, enrollment is limited.  We anticipate another "waiting list" this year.  Call today to reserve a spot for your kids who are between the age of 5 and 13 years old.

How to Register?

Camp registration is online only.  Please see the links below to register.